Thermowells For Temperature Sensors

What are Thermowells?

Thermowells are small tubular fittings which are used in temperature measurement to protect the temperature sensor from damage that could occur during an industrial process. Thermowells are otherwise commonly known as solid drilled pockets as they consist of a metal bar stock that is drilled to create an open end where the sense is inserted. If the sensor was to break during application, the user could easily replace the existing sensor with a new one.

Common uses of thermowells are very similar to that of other components. They can be used in both an existing temperature sensor setup or can be added to a new design specification. They are used in many high temperature applications because they can work effectively up to temperatures surrounding 1200 °C.

If you are unsure exactly what you need, get in touch and we can help identify your requirements.

What Is The Advantage of Using Thermowells?

There are many reasons why you may choose to include a thermowell in your design specification. The main reason that people often choose to use them is because they are very durable, and provide excellent protection for the sensor from external damage caused by corrosive liquids or intense temperature.


Example Thermowell Designs

We can provide a range of additional features to your new thermowells Popular choices include addition of process thread or a custom made flange which we are able to weld and test to your specification. Below are some examples:

Solid Drilled Thermowells

Fabricated Thermowells

Optional Extras

As with many of our products, we have a range of optional extras which accompany our thermowell designs. These can include:

  • Use of stronger more durable forged material.
  • A full weld test carried out on the thermowell to your specification.
  • A vast choice of head fittings dependent on the application of the component.
  • A number of reduced tip options which you may require.

There are few other manufacturers who offer such a wide range of choice when it comes to custom thermowells. We can source and create other designs which contain numerous other features that may not be listed above.

Ordering Thermowells From Peak Sensors

To order thermowells from Peak Sensors you will need to specify the dimensions required so that we can insure that the components will fit your new or existing sensor. We can offer you a free quotation for any quantity of thermowells. Simply call us on 01246 261999 to find out more.