Thermocouples for the Glass Manufacturing

Temperature Control in Glass Manufacturing

Good temperature management is essential in the glass manufacturing industry to ensure that the process remains reliable producing final products of a high standard.

As a temperature sensor specialist with experience working within the glass manufacturing industry, we understand how important it is to measure the temperature of glass accurately during the manufacturing process to ensure you achieve a quality product. This quality standard can only be achieved with adequate temperature control.

At Peak Sensors we have developed a complete range of sensors to support the glass manufacturing industry.

Glass Industry
Glass Manufactuing Brochure - Temperature Control In Glass Manufacturing

Temperature Sensors for the Glass Manufacturing Industry

We manufacture many types of thermocouples and supply directly to

  • Glass plants
  • Glass furnace contractors
  • Glass furnace manufacturers

Our sensors are used throughout the glass manufacturing process, including melting, refining, working end processes for container glass and crown or tin bath thermocouples and other plant positions in float glass.

Peak Sensors Glass Manufacturing brochure provides further information about temperature control and details about thermocouples designed for the industry, including rare metal and base metal thermocouple assemblies.

The Peak Sensors Glass Manufacturing brochure is also available in Russian. Click here to read the Russian version.

Thermocouples and Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors used for monitoring the temperature in the glass manufacturing process are called thermocouples. These sensors are typically platinum-based and are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, for example as high as 1500°C to 1700°C, found in the furnaces of container glass manufacturers.

Temperature Sensor Calibration

Temperature sensors are calibrated to ensure they are reading accurately and to specification. We can calibrate your existing sensors, offer calibration as part of the manufacturing process for new sensors built by Peak Sensors or provide on-site calibration visits. Read more about our calibration service.

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our technical team can work with you to develop and manufacture custom designs of thermocouples.