This mineral insulated RTD probe is a very flexible design to meet your exact process requirements.

Type Designation:MRH
Temperature Range:-100 to 500 ° C
Common Sensor Types:1 Pt 100 B
Temperature Coefficient:0.3850 ohms/° C
Wiring:3 wire, marked red/red/white
Common Diameters:Ø 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 8.0mm
Common Sheaths:316 SS
Cold End Max Temperature:150 ° C
Block Size:41mm, screws 33mm PCD

Application Notes:

Good as test probe
Used with or without thermowell
Isothermal head enclosure for accuracy
Protected terminations
DIN standard lengths available

Special Options:

Higher accuracy sensors A, 1/3,1/5,1/10 DIN
Pt 50, Pt 500, Pt 1000 and Pt 2000, Cu or Ni element
2 or 4 wires
RT can be replaced with a thermistor
Various IP rated heads available
Transmitter available in head
Compression fitting
RT can be replaced with a thermistor
Can be supplied without adaptor “A” for connection to nipple