Solid Drilled Pocket with Process Thread

Type Designation:SDP
Temperature Range:0 to 1200 ° C
Common Thread:Taper or parallel BSP, NPT, metric

Application Notes:

  • Assembly component (with extension, head and sensor)
  • Replacement sheath
  • High temperature
    Fast response
  • Will withstand tough industrial use

Special Options:

  • Forged material available
  • Pressure vessel welding qualification
  • Weld test to customer specification
  • Special materials available on request
  • Wear and chemical resistant coatings
  • Head fittings
  • Reduced tip options
  • Pressure testing
  • Vibration collars
  • Material certificates

Appropriate Sheath Material:

MaterialMax Temperature
310 SS1100°C
Alloy 600 ( Inconel )1100°C
Hastelloy C2761040°C
Hastelloy B2 815°C
321 SS800°C
316 SS800°C
Monel 400480°C
Solid Drilled Pocket with Process Thread