Cable Thermocouple With Leaf Sensor

This design is often used to measure between heater bands or other media. It works best if the leaf is insulated and it can be installed on a flat or curved surface.

Type Designation:LSE
Temperature Range:-50 to 350 ° C
Common Sensor Types:K, J, N, T, E
Common SizeFoil leaf measuring 25mm x 15mm x 0.15mm, supplied with 1M of cable.
Leaf Materials:Stainless steel, brass, copper
Common Cable:PTFE, Glass Fibre

Application Notes:

Can be supplied with tails or plug attached
Grounded junction
Inexpensive sensor
Surface temperature measurement
To put in between heater bands or other media
Low thermal mass
Suitable for equipment assemblies

Special Options:

Mini plug or socket on cable
Other leaf sizes