MI Thermocouple with Permanently Attached Cable

This Mineral Insulated thermocouple is a variation on the MI Thermocouple with Pot Seal & Tails. It comes with a longer cable and is often used in original equipment manufacture, automotive environments and a range of other industrial applications.

Type Designation:MTA
Temperature Range:-200 to 1250 ° C depending on thermocouple sensor type
Common Sensor Types:K, J, N, T, E
Common Diameters :Ø 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm
Common Sheaths:Inconel, 316 SS, 321 SS, 310 SS, Pyrosil.
Flexible Cable Detail:7 x 0.2 PVC/PVC (105 ° C maximum) – Glass Fibre and PTFE options are available
Transition Max. Temperature:230 ° C
Termination detail:50mm tails, 10mm tinned

Application Notes:

Tough design for industrial use
Suitable for installation in manufactured equipment
Often used in autoclaves

Special Options:

MI diameters between 0.5 and 10.8mm
Plug on terminations available for quick assembly
Reduced tips
Higher temperature flexible cable
Sensors bent to shape
Compression fitting
Weld pads or weld on tips
Spring relief at transition
Insulated exposed or grounded junction
Metal or plastic flexible conduit cover