Basic Thermocouple Insulated Wire Element

Replacement elements insulated in plastics or glass fibre for further assembly into sheaths or equipment.

Type Designation:BTI
Temperature Range:-100 to 800 ° C
Common Sensor Types:K,J,N,T,E
Common Insulation:PVC, Silicon rubber, PTFE, Glass fibre
Cable Type:Twisted Pair
Common Stranding:1×0.2, 1×0.315, 1×0.5, 7×0.2, 13×0.2
Tail Detail:10mm stripped & tinned

Application Notes:

Inexpensive sensor
Replacement element for assembly into sheath
Low thermal mass
Annealing furnaces
Trailing sensor for batches (hot or cold)
Suitable for equipment assemblies

Special Options:

Range -185 to 1400 ° C is possible
Standard & special housings available for element protection
Untwisted pair cable