Basic Thermocouple Insulated Element

Replacement elements insulated in ceramic for further assembly into sheaths or equipment.

Type Designation:BTE
Temperature Range:-200 to 1700 ° C
Common Sensor Types:K,J,N,T,E,R,S,B,W
Common Diameters:Ø 0.15mm to 3.25mm, SWG sizes
Insulator Sizes:Oval or Round, Ø 3.0 to 12.0mm
Common Insulation:Recrystalised alumina, pythagoras
Common Stranding:Single Strand
Tail Length:30mm

Application Notes:

Inexpensive sensor
Replacement element
For assembly into insulator / sheath
Low thermal mass
Suitable for equipment assemblies
Special options
Single & multiple insulator
Duplex and triplex
Fish spine beads and crimps on tails
Staggered junctions
Insulators available separately