Thermocouple Insert with DIN Plate

For insertion into an existing thermowell assembly where a transmitter will be fitted too.

Type Designation:TTD
Temperature Range:-200 to 800 ° C
Common Sensor Types:K, J, N, T, E
Common Diameters:Ø 6.0, 8.0mm
Common Sheaths:321 SS
Block size:Ø 41mm, M4 screws 33mm PCD
Cold End Max Temperature:100 ° C
Tail Detail:75mm tails, 10mm tinned

Application Notes:

Inexpensive sensor
Very cheap design if maximum is 225 ° C
Used in pocket/head assemblies
Suitable for quick replacement on plants
Industry standard block size
Spring loaded for good thermal contact

Special Options:

Insulated exposed or grounded junction
Non turning screw pins available
Compression fitting
Encapsulated wires, limited travel option