What Is Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath (MIMS)?

Mineral insulated cable (mims cable) is a type of bendable metal cable used in temperature sensor manufacture. It is also known as Mineral insulated metal sheath or MIMS for short. Mineral insulated cable is made from a seamless metal tube, tightly packed with Magnesium Oxide powder. Thermocouple wires run through the metal tube and the magnesium oxide powder helps keep these wires insulated and separated.

Mineral insulated metal sheathed cables are standardised under the international standard IEC 61515 (Mineral insulated metal-sheathed thermocouple cables and thermocouples).

More details about mineral insulated cables can be found in our temperature sensor design guide.

Mineral insulated temperature sensors can come in many different designs. Some example designs are be found here:

Mineral insulated thermocouples

Mineral Insulated Cross Section